As well as specialist retailers, 3D Stuffmaker in on the lookout for suitable business partnerships that will be mutually benefitial. If you are interested in collaborating with us and being part of a growing business, we would love to hear from you. We are looking to expand from Australia to the United States and across the globe. There are several kinds of partnership opportunities:



Our affiliate program is for online marketers who would like to sell our 3D printers via affiliate websites. As a reward for each click from your site that results in a sale, 3D Stuffmaker will pay you a 5% commission. Taking into consideration that our 3D printers range from $595 upwards, that’s quite an incentive!

You can easily register for this program here:

Become an Affiliate Marketer


As an online retailer, you will sell our products on your website. You can do this by developing a new website, or if you have an online existing store, you can add our products to your store and earn a commission of up to 10%. You may provide limited support by choosing to direct people to our Skype support team. Basically, you provide the sale, we provide the shipping + support.  

If you are interested in becoming an Online Retailer, fill our the form below.


Our ‘Retailers’ partnership program sets you apart from others but allowing you to sell our products from a shopfront, giving clients a hands-on experience. To get you started, we initially offer a discounted ‘Retailer Starter Pack’ which includes a bundle of 3D Stuffmaker products. This is a small investment which gives you the opportunity to have a touch and play of our products and to test your market.  It is important that you get familiar with our products before taking the next step in becoming a Retailer.

Becoming a Retailer is a great idea if you:

  • You would like to sell 3D Stuffmaker products
  • Have a physical store or showroom

  • You are located in an area where we do not currently have a Retailer

If you are interested in becoming a Retailer, fill our the form below.


Our best and preferred partnership model is the ‘Distributor’ option. It allows you to achieve greater value for your business by developing local technical training and  a maintenance support service in your area. The most practical way for increasing your product knowledge and local technical expertise is by assembling our products from kit form. By importing our 3D printer Kits in bulk, you will convert savings in shipping costs into profit.

As a distributor, you will generally have a warehouse in which to store our products. You can also choose to be a retailer from this warehouse. You will also provide our products to other local retailers. You will save on bulk shipping so that you can offer better prices and increase your bottom line. There maybe a number of distributors in the same country who are assigned to a specific area. Instead of 3d Stuffmaker warehousing stock and shipping orders from our factory in India, the distributor will be responsible for shipping orders directly from their warehouse.

Becoming a distributor is a great idea if you:

  • Have a warehouse located in an area where we do not currently have a distributor

  • Carry stock of our products

  • Are able to build assembled 3D printers from kits

  • Can ship 3d Stuffmaker orders coming from your area

  • You are able to offer training and support on 3D Stuffmaker products

  • You can offer a local warranty service for 3D Stuffmaker products

If you are interested in becoming a Distributor, fill our the form below.


3D Stuffmaker is looking for a technically savvy distributor from Canada with a passion for 3d printing. With a large 3d printing market in Canada, this is a great opportunity to provide the market with our printers.

This opportunity is great if you:

  • Are technically savvy

  • Are willing to assist us in developing and refining our products

  • You are located in an area where we do not currently have a Retailer

If you are interested in this opportunity, email us.


To inquire about how you can become a partner, fill out this form: