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In the future you can see wide range of development in 3D printing industry. Just imagine a device connected to a computer can print whatever the design you wish to. The emerging technology of 3D printing will change the world since people find various benefits out of it. It is the best way to reduce the cost of error where they can validate and modify the designs in a more cost-effective way. It has various advantages in terms of manufacturing like reduced material waste and increased customization.


It is an additive technology where the objects are built in a great manner by rapid printing of thin layers using the stored digital data. This technology has become consumer friendly where the buyers find it easy way of using with the help of the given DIY kit. 3D printers are mostly used for rapid prototyping rather than the final consumer products. This way of advanced technology is very useful for the engineers to check the fitting of different parts before investing directly in the costly production.

The architects use it for creating low-cost scale models to show their clients about their project. On the other hand medical professionals or archeologists use it to create 3D copies of bones. Likewise there will be a constant growth in the design process of each field to produce the final moulds. In some cases the prototypes will be more useful when they are made of same material of the final production product. In this way the designers and engineers find it as an easy way to test their work more frequently and accurately which leads to take up the production process in a more confident manner. Hence in the future you can constantly see a rapid growth in the field of 3D printing.  




Role of 3D printing in today’s world!

3D printing has become more familiar among many professions. We can find it more familiar mainly in the medical industry. In the future of 3D printing we can expect the printers in every one of our houses. Just to make the work simple and more innovative in this trending business world. 3D printing has got a boom since the technicians and surgeons find it a better way of approaching with their ideas to create a good understanding of what they exactly plan to implement. They can create a replica of the organs and explain about the operation exactly how and what they plan to do.


When we come across the medical industry Doctors generally prefer in implementing flexible objects to create different organs and explain their operation process in a better way. Hence the material preferred here to create the object is flexible filament. After doing a complete research about the 3D printing technology the exact question arises now. Where to buy the printer and how to find it in a more expected way.

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Online Retail Store for 3D Printers – 3D Printers Online Store

As 3d printing becomes very popular among the students, industrialists and professionals, many 3d printer companies came up with the latest and advanced features.

In past days, 3d printers are only used for printing a plastic object. Now 3d printers are being used for scanning an object and convert in to STL file and print the same object and the same machine can be used for copy and fax. Some 3d printers are introduced with multiple options, that is one 3d printer can able to work with materials such as ABS, PLA plastics, wood (milling), polycarbonate, ceramics and chocolate !

Almost 300 3d printing companies available worldwide. Now we have a question, where to buy best 3d printers? If you Google it for 3d printers, it shows 100’s of 3d printing companies. When you post in a forum, some 3d printer sales people will comment as a customer for their promotions. So how to choose a right 3d printer to suit our requirements?

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The only option is online retail stores. Yes, 3D Printers Online Store offering best 3d printers at affordable prices than any other marketplaces and 3d printing companies. They provide friendly pre-sales support via email and web live chat which ensures that you are purchasing perfect 3d printer which suits your specs and budget.

They are offering all kinds of 3d printers like, plastic 3d printer, food 3d printer, DLP resin 3d printer, multi-functional and multi material 3d printers. Secured payment system and worldwide shipping available. This store awarded Yahoo live store due to its engaged visitors.




MIT Researchers create 3D printed underwater robot for port security

On the face of it, this new security device looks remarkably like a cat toy. However, this deceptive 3D printed device is a mini robot designed to alter underwater security as we know it. The kind of gadget we might associate with a James Bond movie, also happens to be very practical.It is discrete, waterproof, easy to reproduce and affordable.


MIT engineering team, which includes Sampriti Bhattacharyya and Professor Harry Asada, spoke about their creation at the International Conference on Robots and Systems. It is small enough to be concealed under boats, pipelines and nuclear reactors.

It contains an integrated ultrasound scanner for inspecting ships that may have suspicious cracks or false hulls that may have been tampered with by smugglers. The device also has a unique self-propulsion system.

This clever little robot cannot be detected by traditional radar systems. An ambition is to have large numbers of them around suspected smuggler ships coming into port. People on board would have no idea of the concealed detectives, camouflaged within the algae below.

The researchers suggest that the devices could be produced for as little as $600 and would be easy to replace in the case of breakages. Swarms of the little robots could analyse potential security risks at our major ports.

The U.S. Air force is very interested in this new invention, as the results are very promising thus far. Maritime traffic could be monitored more closely than is possible at present, and drug smuggling and terrorism risks reduced.




Harvard’s open-source soft robotics ‘toolkit’ allows everyone to 3D print their very own robot

This idea should inspire hobbyists everywhere. Even if you’re not the best of programmers, it’s still possible to be part of the growing revolution in 3D printing. If you’ve been wondering what your uncle has been up to in his garden shed, it might just be that he’s been inventing a robot.


The inspired Harvard scientists have invented a Soft Robotics Toolkit. A “soft” robot is based on biological systems, so that soft flexible materials form the basis of the manufactured structures. Intelligence can be embedded into elastomeric components. This also raises all sorts of possibilities in the world of medicine.

As the software is open-source, it is available to everyone with a desire to be an inventor. Harvard scientists, Walsh and Holland have downloadable, instructional, step-by-step videos to show the general public how to make soft robots. These include such items as a prosthetic hand, pneumatic gloves and even a cardiac stimulator amongst others. Projected costs and testing data are also given, to prevent even the most ambitious projects from seeming intimidating.

The researchers hope that the resulting creations from hobbyists and students will be shared amongst the 3D printing community, so accelerating the soft robotics field even further.




E-nable makes another medical breakthrough. Five year old girl has a new working hand.

An enthusiastic group of volunteers are using 3D printing to give the world a “helping hand”. In only a matter of months, their collective passion has led to the creation of more than 10 new designs for 3D printed prosthetics.


They are now refining their “raptor” hand, and a bright pink one was sported by a very proud youngster, five year old Hayley Fraser, from Inverness in Scotland UK. She may well be the youngest person in the UK to have a 3D printed prosthetic hand.

Hayley’s parents were enterprising enough to seek help from E-nable. David and Zania made a plaster cast of their daughter’s left hand and gave it to experts at the organisation. The little girl was born with malformed fingers, and all are hopeful that the new device might make her life a good deal easier. Many of the volunteers are university academics, artists, designers and engineers, most of whom connected initially through the medium of the internet. The 3D printing movement to help others seems to be gathering pace.




16-Year-Old Heart Tumour Patient is helped by novel 3D-Printed HeartPrint® Model

Using a combination of CT scan data and 3D printing, a medical team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, led by Dr Michael Taylor, have managed to create a replica of a human heart.

A 16 year old boy, Bradley White, who was born with a tumour has an erratic heartbeat. He was first diagnosed as having a heart tumour at three years of age and although he has endured many serious operations since then, still has a large cardiac tumour. His condition was considered so serious that a defibrillator implant was necessary to prevent fatal cardiac arrest.


From his CT scan data, Materialise were able to produce a copy of the boy’s heart with the aid of their Mimics Innovation Suite software. Their cardiovascular specialist, Todd Pietela, was able to create a detailed 3D-printed HeartPrint® Flex model of his heart using a flexible transparent material, with the tumour showing up clearly as a hard opaque mass.

Having a full understanding of the exact size and location of the tumour meant that the surgeons were able to make the educated decision that it would be far too risky for Bradley to undergo yet another operation. Instead they took the morecautious option of trying to stop the excessive electrical interference caused by the tumour by making a number of catheter ablations.

Both Bradley and his family are gaining a greater understanding of his condition. Thankfully, he is now an active teenager again.

One of the surgeons, Dr.David Morales, believes that 3D printing may be the next generation in medical imaging andpre-operative assessment.

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