Blog Post 16-Year-Old Heart Tumour Patient is helped by novel 3D-Printed HeartPrint® Model




16-Year-Old Heart Tumour Patient is helped by novel 3D-Printed HeartPrint® Model

Using a combination of CT scan data and 3D printing, a medical team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, led by Dr Michael Taylor, have managed to create a replica of a human heart.

A 16 year old boy, Bradley White, who was born with a tumour has an erratic heartbeat. He was first diagnosed as having a heart tumour at three years of age and although he has endured many serious operations since then, still has a large cardiac tumour. His condition was considered so serious that a defibrillator implant was necessary to prevent fatal cardiac arrest.


From his CT scan data, Materialise were able to produce a copy of the boy’s heart with the aid of their Mimics Innovation Suite software. Their cardiovascular specialist, Todd Pietela, was able to create a detailed 3D-printed HeartPrint® Flex model of his heart using a flexible transparent material, with the tumour showing up clearly as a hard opaque mass.

Having a full understanding of the exact size and location of the tumour meant that the surgeons were able to make the educated decision that it would be far too risky for Bradley to undergo yet another operation. Instead they took the morecautious option of trying to stop the excessive electrical interference caused by the tumour by making a number of catheter ablations.

Both Bradley and his family are gaining a greater understanding of his condition. Thankfully, he is now an active teenager again.

One of the surgeons, Dr.David Morales, believes that 3D printing may be the next generation in medical imaging andpre-operative assessment.

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