Blog Post 3D Printed Replica of 125-Year-Old Golf Club Created




3D Printed Replica of 125-Year-Old Golf Club Created

The St. Andrews Golf Co. and Dundee University have partnered up to develop the world’s first metal replica of a 125 year old golf club through the use of 3D printing. The team replicated 2 historic irons through the use of golf irons loaned from the British Golf Museum located in St. Andrews.


The clubs were 3D scanned and then made into accurate digital models using CAD programs. The company then worked with the university and other industrial partners in printing the club head out in metal. The aim of the project is to protect these examples of ancient and rare golf clubs, as they are irreplaceable artifacts that are of great importance to the manufacturing and cultural heritage of Scotland.

Studying the evolution of golf clubs is one of the most effective ways of learning all about the history of the game of golf. The two golf clubs were chosen due to the fact that they were the most interesting. The team was attracted by the fact that the clubs emanated from a period that is today regarded as the “era of innovation” in golf, as this was when the sport really came into being what it is today.

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