Blog Post Adobe Introduces new 3D Printing Features to Photoshop CC




Adobe Introduces new 3D Printing Features to Photoshop CC

Adobe recently added some more advanced 3D printing features to Photoshop CC. The aim of these features is to aid in the creation of 3D printed designs, as well as provide users with more printing options.

Back in January, Adobe announced that it was now offering 3D printing support as a way of allowing Photoshop users to create and edit their 3D printing designs. The most recent updates are part of the third set of new and enhanced 3D printing features that have been introduced in Photoshop over the last 6 months.


This newest release of 3D printing enhancements and features is an expansion of support for new 3D printers and 3D print services. This release is designed to broaden the file format range that can be written and read, as well as offering updates that increase efficiency of the overall workflow.

These 3D printing features have significantly condensed workflow by unifying what previously took 15 steps in a variety of different programs into a single program that is easy to use. The purpose of these new features is to assist users in taking their 3D printing design ideas to the next level, by bringing them into the physical world.


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