Blog Post 3D Printed Hip Implants Enables 71 Year Old to Walk Again




3D Printed Hip Implants Enables 71 Year Old to Walk Again

A 3D printed hip plant has been customized for Meryl Richards, a 71 year old woman to rescue her from life in a wheelchair. The hip plant has been made through the use of 3D files that were generated from detailed body scans. Following six hip operations, her pelvis became so weak that her leg punched a hole through the bone. With one leg now two inches shorter than the other, Meryl was left increasingly disabled by the pain. For years, she walked with a stick or crutches, but this new 3D printing breakthrough is set to restore her mobility and movement once again.


But now British surgeons have succeeded for the very first time in tailor making a new hip joint on a 3D printer, while using Meryl’s own stem cells to hold the implant in place. The 3D printed implant also enables surgeons to prepare for the operation in advance. Meryl is thrilled at the wonderful potential of 3D printing for other elderly people who can now have a knee replacement specially fit for them. In this way, 3D printing will help others like Meryl to have an old part taken out and replaced by a new part.

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