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Build Your Own 3D Printed Smart Watch

A huge fan of learning through building, Jonathan Cook has built a 3D printed smart watch from scratch. With a background in product driven development, Cook’s project OSWatch recently won the Maker Media Arduino Build Competition and will be displayed at Maker Faire Rome during the coming fall.

When Cook began this project, he had a series of objectives in mind. He wanted to build the hardware with 100% Arduino compatibility, making it compact but still with sufficient program memory for future updates. He also wanted the minimum battery life to last a minimum of a day.


During this time consuming project, Jonathan spent the last 9 months working on the development of his OSWatch. He used a modified 3D printer to print the watch face, watch back, logic frame, strap brace and connection port. The core of this watch comprises 3 small boards, a microduino core +, a Bluegiga ble112 chip, as well as a voltage regulator.

In addition to date and time functionality as normal watch, the OSWatch will also have email, Twitter updates and Facebook notification. Cook hopes that the maker community will similarly expand this platform, thereby transforming it into an open source “pebble” type project.

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