Blog Post 3D Printing Combined with Caxixi, Brazilian Musical Instrument




3D Printing Combined with Caxixi, Brazilian Musical Instrument

The caxixi is a percussion musical instrument that is popularly found in Brazil and other African countries. Made from a hand woven closed basket that contains seeds or particles, the caxixi musical instrument has today been made available in the form of 3D printed rattling rings. Pronounced Kah-shi-shi in Brazilian Portuguese language, the 3D printed instrument can today be used both as a percussion instrument and a fun fashion accessory. Available in a variety of bright striking colors and sizes, it is also possible to get your caxixi in the colors of your country such that you can use them to cheer on your soccer team.


Caxixi instruments are fascinating for the way they rattle with the sound of beads bouncing around inside them. Enthusiasts of Brazilian culture are enthusiastic that 3D printing is now allowing them to miniaturize this instrument into a wearable ring, with the beads printed right inside them. This creation is the brain child of Michiel Cornelissen, a Dutch designer who was looking to transform this Brazilian musical instrument into a device that did not require any assembly at all. This invention was inspired primarily by Cornelissen’s own fascination with capoeira and the general Brazilian culture.

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